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only the good stuff: gochujang spicy and sweet, rice vinegar bright and tangy, sesame oil nutty and smooth, soy sauce rich with umami

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Growing up my mom always had a tub full of sauce that we'd use for stir-fry, dipping, marinating—you name it. K-Mama is the bottled version of our family recipe, packed with gochujang flavor and just the right amount of spice for a new generation.

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  • Amazing Health Benefits of Gochujang

    Amazing Health Benefits of Gochujang

    This fermented red pepper paste is a pantry staple in Korean households that dates back many hundreds of years. In fact, during the Joseon dynasty, gochujang was originally introduced as a medicinal food to improve digestive issues.
  • Salmon with Sugar Snap Peas

    Salmon with Sugar Snap Peas

    In our household, we love fish a lot but our favorite is salmon. Full of Omega-3 oils that are good for the heart, salmon is perfect for my wife because it has its own natural oils so we don’t usually add much oil (or any) to it.
  • Shrimp & String Beans Stir-Fry

    Shrimp & String Beans Stir-Fry

    Ever find yourself with some shrimp but not quite sure what to do with it? Introducing part 3 of our Flavor-in-15 series: stir-fried shrimp with string beans. Cooking with fresh shrimp is ideal...
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